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At the two years we spent at Stang Orthodontics, it was a wonderful experience. Dr. Stang and her staff are all so wonderful and welcoming. They listened very well to all of our concerns and made sure the time we spent with braces was a pleasant one.

I love the way it is so welcoming. They make it so homey. And if you do good they give you points to get gift cards to your favorite stores. Go to Stang family Orthodontist So much to smile about (-:

I love how you guys are so welcoming. You guys are always playing music, it gets me awake when I have to go in for an early appointment. Always smells so good in there.

It was a great experience for my son, Evan. We went in because his dentist recommended that he might need spacers. Dr. Stang worked with us on a plan to help Evan stop behaviors (sucking fingers/ thumbs) that were adversely affecting the development of his mouth. Since then, we've seen dramatic improvement in his mouth and teeth. Dr. Stang is friendly, personable, and realistic about what to expect! I really appreciate that she doesn't want to do any orthodontic work until we have eliminated the bad habits. She cares more about what's best for Evan than about making money. This is especially true because she knew that we would be moving this summer and have to find another orthodontist for the actual spacers, and yet she still wanted to see us a few more times to check on Evan's progress (at no charge to us). There is no question that if we were remaining in the area, she would have our business! The office staff is very friendly and accommodating as well.